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Friday, March 6, 2020

1st Annual Area 22 Membership Throw-Down Starts NOW!

The 1st Area 22 Membership Throw-Down Has BEGUN!

Our club is now in a membership race…against our own Area clubs!
We have engaged in a "membership throw-down" between our three Area clubs: 

  • Crosswinds 7858 in Marshalltown
  • Wright-On 2316 in Clarion and 
  • Shibboleth 386 in Mason City

Here Are the Rules:
The clubs will compete and challenge each other to meet the Distinguished membership goal of.

A Net Growth of 5 Members by June 30th

The club that does not meet this goal or has the lowest membership growth must buy lunch for the other clubs!!;

Membership is the most challenging hurdle as we strive to be Distinguished clubs. If we meet our requirements, all Area clubs could be Distinguished which would be a huge win for us all!

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