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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pathways - How to Get Started!! (BEGIN NOW)

Hi all!

Pathways is upon us, and thanks to our Club Treasurer, Melissa Niesen, we've developed a really good way to help us all get started. 

This is a pretty straightforward walkthrough on enrolling into the Pathways Education Program for the first time. All it takes is 10-15 minutes!


To get to Pathways, it might look different, depending on screen size:

**OR** for a smaller screen/window:

2. You’ll see an option to choose your path, which will ask you ~15 questions and recommend three paths. Pick the one that sounds the best, or if you want to see the nitty-gritty details of all the paths, you can see the full program at many places on the web. 

3. This is a good reference on all of the paths and projects: http://d4tm.org/pathways/paths-and-projects.html 
It can help provide a better understanding of how the Paths are constructed. (NOT necessary if you just want to get going!)

4. After you have selected your path, you will receive an email confirmation. This may or may not take a while (an hour or two) to actually have access to the Path. When you do get access, it will look like this, with the middle box being the way to access the Path:

5. Then at the bottom of the page (you’re in Base Camp right now), you can access your Path curriculum:

  • You have two years to finish your existing manuals, so no rush if you like those. 
  • You can also work through your manuals side-by-side with Pathways. 
  • One big change will be remembering to print out the evaluation form ahead of time. (We’ll have to figure out exactly who will be responsible for these print-outs.)

When you start Pathways, share your experience with the rest of the club. Ask questions, etc. 

This is new and a change, but we can figure it out together!

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