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Crosswinds Toastmasters is a fun, supportive atmosphere to develop and practice your public speaking, listening, and leadership skills. Each week there are chances to give prepared and impromptu speeches as well as receive feedback from fellow members on ways to improve.

Guests are always welcome, so please stop by and visit us!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Toastmaster Assignments - May 25, 2016

Toastmaster  - Dierdre Taylor
Speaker(1)   - Andi Acton
Evaluator(1) - Chrissy Bjorklund
Speaker(2)   - Melissa Niesen
Evaluator(2) - N/A
TableTopics  - Leah Cox
GE           - Cyndi Barber
Word of Day  - Dierdre Taylor
Ah/Grammer   - Melissa Niesen
Timer        - David Arnold
Quiz Master  - Dierdre Taylor
Thought/Joke - David Arnold

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Toastmasters Assigments - 5/11/2016

Toastmaster  - Charlie Harris
Speaker(1)   - Sarah Mattingly
Evaluator(1) - Melissa Niesen
Speaker(2)   - George Trent
Evaluator(2) - Bill Backoff
GE           - Leah Cox
TableTopics  - Chrissy Bjorklund
Word of Day  - Carrie Klinge
Ah/Grammer   - Leah Cox
Timer        - Cyndi Barber
Thought/Joke - Dierdre Taylor
Quiz Master  - Charlie Harris

Toastmaster assignments for 5/4/2016

Visiting today:
Claude Hartman DTM, Chief Ambassador, Area 54 Directory, Area 51 Assistant Director, Crosswinds Toastmasters Club Coach.

Toastmaster  - Cyndi Barber
Speaker      - David Arnold
Evaluator    - Sarah Mattingly
GE           - George Trent
TableTopics  - Andi Acton
Word of Day  - Chrissy Bjorklund
Ah/Grammer   - Bill Backoff
Timer        - Leah Cox
Thought/Joke - George Trent
Quiz Master  - Claude Hartman