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Crosswinds Toastmasters is a fun, supportive atmosphere to develop and practice your public speaking, listening, and leadership skills. Each week there are chances to give prepared and impromptu speeches as well as receive feedback from fellow members on ways to improve.

Guests are always welcome, so please stop by and visit us!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Leah Cox awarded the Triple Crown

David Arnold, president, presented the 
Triple Crown Award for 2014-2015 
to Leah Cox.  

Leah completed three education awards in a single program year.  Meaning, she completed 6 full Toastmaster manuals. 

 It's a great achievement!! 

 Congratulations Leah!!
Toastmaster of the Day was Melissa Niesen.

Welcome to our 4 guests, Kristy Bartles, Carrie Klinge, Dierdre Taylor, and Crissy Bjorklund!

Word of the Day - Capitulate - to surrender after negotiation of terms.

Speaker was David Arnold - "My Tiny Mentor"

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Room change to 803 - Assignments for November 17, 2015

Toastmasters Assignments 

Toastmaster - Melissa
Speaker #1- David
Eval #1 – Leah
Speaker #2- Cyndi
Eval #2 - Open
GE - Open

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Room change for November 11!

On November 11, we will not be meeting in our regular room. The room should be number 614, to the right as you enter the building. However, if you don't find us there, check out the information screen for an updated room number!

Theme: Winter Sports

Toastmaster & Speaker: Melissa
Evaluator and General Evaluator: Cyndi
Tabletopics & Word of the day: George
Others: TBD

Welcome to all our guests from Nov. 4th! 

First time guests, Charlie Harris and Jeremy Ruddick.
Returning guests; Dierdre Taylor, Carrie Klinge, Andi Acton, and Chrissy Bjorklund.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Assignments for October 21, 2015

THEME: Autumn

Toastmaster-    <OPEN>
Speaker #1-     George
Evaluator #1-  <OPEN>
Speaker #2-     David
Evaluator #2-  Leah
General Eval-  Cyndi

Check back for updates.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meeting Assignments for 10/14/2015

Toastmaster-  George
Speaker #1-     Melissa (gone for next 2 weeks)
Evaluator #1-  David
Speaker #2-     Leah
Evaluator #2-  Cyndi
General Eval-  Clyde (Who will be gone)

Check back for updates.